Fernald & Co. offers a selection of assessment tools designed to assist organizations with the human component of their larger business strategy. These tools help identify the core competencies and personality traits (both learned and innate) that correspond with being successful in particular roles, and are relevant to a broad spectrum of businesses.
Fernald & Co. can train your organization to be self-sufficient in the use
of these tools and related employee development programs, or we can directly administer the assessments as your talent development partner.

ASSESS™ Business Personality Assessment

ASSESS is a web-based talent assessment platform that provides

in-depth analysis for selection and development of managers and professionals. Developed by organizational psychologists and written

in business language, ASSESS incorporates personality and intellectual ability assessments, behavioral feedback, and performance measurement to evaluate people against a model of success. By using the competency-linked components of the ASSESS system, your organization can target hiring efforts, guide talent development for the highest gain, and hold employees accountable for performance improvement.


The key features of ASSESS can be used over an employee’s entire tenure.


• ASSESS Selection reports allow the hiring manager to examine a candidate’s thinking, working, and relating styles. These characteristics are viewed in the context of core competencies for the position (for example, influencing and persuading, driving for results, and planning and organizing)


• ASSESS Development reports help new or existing employees improve their effectiveness by providing a constructive framework

to understand their potential strengths and hindering behaviors.

The product of an industrial psychology think tank, ASSESS Development reports cover the how-to’s of correcting problem behaviors, complete with suggestions for articles, books, and courses.


• ASSESS Team Charts provide an objective and well-organized framework for teams to identify how to leverage their collective strengths as well as reduce tensions and problematic behaviors.


• ASSESS 360 provides performance feedback from direct reports, colleagues, managers, and others. The power of the ASSESS 360 report is that it aligns with the competency framework contained in an employee’s ASSESS Development report, providing a consistent framework for employees to understand and evaluate their professional progress. For example, an employee’s ASSESS Development report could indicate a strong potential for visioning and driving for results, but offers warnings for managing others and organizational savvy. The ASSESS 360 report provides specific feedback on the individual’s full set of competencies, indicating whether others experience the employee’s natural strengths and whether that individual has

been successful in addressing weaknesses.


• ASSESS for Succession Planning may involve the ASSESS Development and 360 programs as well as customized strategies

to help leaders evaluate the performance potential of entry- to

senior-level employees.



The ASSESS system allows employers the choice of incorporating seven intellectual abilities into the selection report: abstract reasoning, mental alertness, critical thinking, verbal comprehension, verbal reasoning, numerical ability, and arithmetic reasoning. These

tests must be taken in person and supervised by the employer.

Proception2–Business Motivators

Business Motivators is an online system that helps individuals understand the underlying reasons for their actions and reactions. This report examines six primary motivators: conceptual, aesthetic, economic, power and authority, social/greater good, and doctrine. The intensity of each motivator is determined by the employee’s current personal and professional priorities.


In and of themselves, motivational scores are judgment-free. There are no right or wrong answers. It is critically important, however,that professionals be aware of their motivational biases and to manage

the positive and negative behaviors that can stem from their unique motivational forces. This is especially true when these behaviors are directed at someone who holds a contrasting orientation. Business Motivators Team Charts help working groups understand the similarities and differences in their motivators so that team

members can best adapt and align interactions with one another.

Proception2–DISC Behavior Style

This DISC-based profiling system provides insight into behavior styles. DISC measures behavior along four dimensions: Dominance—how individuals prefer to solve problems and challenges; Influence—how they influence others to their point of view;  Steadiness—how they adapt to pace and change; and Compliance—how they respond to rules and procedures. The DISC reports help individuals understand how they are naturally inclined to behave along these dimensions and how adapt their natural behavioral style to meet the requirements of their positions.


Proception2 DISC reports also highlight an individual’s potential strengths in business, strengths to the team, and preferred work environment, along with offering personal growth suggestions, performance enhancement strategies, and communication builders

and barriers. DISC Team Charts help working groups understand each other’s behavior styles so that team members are able to interact in ways that build on their strengths and to depersonalize the stress caused by clashes in style.


SalesMax was developed using criteria critical to sales success. It measures how individuals will do the job, why they will want to do the job, and what they know about the consultative sales process. The system generates two types of reports: pre-employment screening and development.


As a pre-employment screening tool, SalesMax provides a

candidate’s overall predictive score and details strengths and weakness in relation to their sales personality characteristics, underlying motivation, and sales knowledge. The results indicate

the candidate’s probability of producing in the top 50% of the

sales team, along with interview/reference questions and management suggestions.


The SalesMax development report provides individual salespersons with a framework for more effectively managing the strengths and potential pitfalls of their personality characteristics and underlying motivations, and for leveraging their sales knowledge in areas where they have a high level of competency and undertaking training in areas where they are deficient. The areas of sales knowledge that SalesMax evaluates are prospecting/pre-qualifying, first meeting/first impression, probing/presenting, overcoming objections, influencing/convincing, and closing.


The SELECT Associate Screening System is a suite of pre-employment tests that measure important work-related personality characteristics in entry-level job applicants. The tests are EEOC-compliant and tailored to the work requirements of over 20 jobs. Each test is predictive of job success and takes approximately 15–20 minutes to complete online.


SELECT tests are to be used after the initial screening, but before

the employment interview. Test results include interview probe suggestions and indications of unusual responses that the

interviewer should explore.


While each SELECT test measures important underlying personality attributes in somewhat different ways, they produce an overall predictor indices of performance and integrity appropriate to the job or industry type. Some examples of the indices are energy (activity level and stamina), productive attitude (positive expectations about people, the company, and work-related outcomes), frustration tolerance (emotional resilience), acceptance of diversity (tolerance

of others different from self), and counter-productive behaviors (measuring attitudes about personal integrity and work ethic). Employers can also use SELECT tests on site to assess reading, arithmetic, coding, and checking abilities.



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