LaToya M. Davidson-Perez, BBA, MLIS & MEd

Business Manager

From a very early age I knew that I would follow the career path that many of the females in my family had. Medicine or Business. Sure, the idea of being a doctor was great...until I realized that although I loved books, I didn't feel the same way about science. So, business it was. During college I stumbled into working in libraries. My first career. I loved that I could blend my ‚Äčlove of clerical and organizational work with running a business. After over a decade in library administration and several advanced degrees, in my early 30s I decided that it was time for something new.


I've always been an over achiever. My childhood years were spent living with my grandparents in Jamaica. Upon returning to live in the United States that drive only grew. I was always methodical and dogged in my desire to excel. In its wake I earned five college degrees (AGS, ABA, BBA, MLIS & MEd) before the age of 25 and am an ALA-accredited certified librarian in the State of Georgia. Despite the degrees and the accolades I found that I was still not fully satisfied professionally. I'd become complacent and apathetic.


In 2014 I started to really think about what I wanted the next chapter in my life to be. I took the time to focus in on the things that I enjoyed doing both for fun and for work. In the end I decided to take my side administrative services business on full time. The funny thing about your next big breakthrough, it never comes in the way you expect it.


I found Fernald & Co. by replying to an almost expired Craigslist ad for an Executive Assistant. Fernald & Co. practices what it preaches. I went through a series of online assessments during the vetting process and soon met with its founder, Sara Fernald. That meeting has completely changed my life. I have been so professionally nourished and am such a believer in Fernald & Co.'s methods. I never knew what workstyle coaching and development was and now that I do, I have gained such wonderful insight into who I am, what makes me tick and the core things that motivate me personally and professionally. Sara often says, "we're a lifestyle brand," and I'm much more aware of what all of that means today than I'd ever been before.


Fernald & Co.