Fernald synchronizes people, both as individuals and within groups. That's it. That's what we do.

Now what does that mean exactly?

Like coaches, conductors and automatic transmissions, we help harness energy—then direct it. Through the use of our workstyle assessments and talent development programs, we provide a framework for assembling the right people and optimizing their individual and group contributions.


We tailor our programs to suit the needs of your organization. We can train your management to be self-sustaining in the use of our assessment tools and programs, or you can leverage our team as

an ongoing talent development resource that will adapt and grow with you.


While the majority of our work is with entrepreneurial and

corporate organizations, Fernald & Co. offers customized coaching

to individuals who want to set and achieve ambitious goals.

We train your management to be self-sustaining by using our assessments and programs, or you can leverage us as your ongoing external talent development resource.

Our Tools

Objective, revealing, and predictive. The workstyle assessment tools we employ  are EEOC-compliant and verified through extensive research and demonstrated success. While we're not the theorists

or researchers, we leverage the best work of those who are.

Our Judgment

Fernald & Co. brings over 20 years of experience in performing workstyle assessments for pre-employment screening, new-hire integration, and team and leadership development. We provide the how and explain the why, drawing on insights gained from interpreting thousands of assessments and contextualizing the results in a wide variety

of organizations.

We tailor our programs to suit the needs of your organization. We adapt and grow with you.

What Our Clients Say

“I am an engineer and conservative businessman. When Sara Fernald first introduced the workstyle assessments to my 10-person firm in 2005, I was skeptical. We have since scaled to three divisions and over 1,000 employees. Fernald & Co.’s contribution to our pre-employment screening, on-boarding, and team and leadership development are a core part of our company’s success and culture.”


David Marvin, Founder & President
Legacy Ventures

Fernald & Co.